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Practical and Theoretical Course on Production of Fresh and Matured "Pasta Filata" cheeses

Cheesemakers Course - Corso Paste Filate in Inglese

  • 9:00 - 18:00 with one hour break
  • 3 consecutive days - 8 hours per day
  • Moretta
  • Course dates will be announced as soon as they are calendared. Pre-enrolled participants will be contacted to confirm participation.
  • € 700,00 per person (minimum 7 participants)
  • Operators in the field with a practical experience in cheesemaking (not necessarily in stringy paste making) eg: cheese maker or help cheese maker. Future operators in the field. People in charge of promotion and marketing fields.
  • Please email Mr. Guido Tallone to tallone@agenform.it to express your interest in the course. We will get back to you shortly with the practical details.
A Theoretical and Practical Cheesemaking Course for the Production of PASTA FILATA cheeses.
Course in preparation - Schedule to be confirmed.
Send (without obligation) your preliminary registration and get in touch with the tutor of the course. In addition to requesting any clarifications, you will also be informed about the schedule for the course as soon as it is available (please check that communications do not end up in the wrong box SPAM). If the course meets your needs you will be invited to complete your registration in time for the start of the lessons.

To pre-enroll

- click on the red button at the top "ENROL NOW".

- fill in the fields

- you will receive an email confirmation of pre-enrollment

Later, at the time of the course schedule, you will be contacted and, upon confirmation of willingness to participate, you can complete your registration directly online.


Programma del corso


The fundamentals of the technology of PASTA FILATA production step bu step

Chemical and physical aspects of the STRECHING PROCESS 

Microbiological aspects of the STRETCHING PROCESS 

The main flaws of stringy pastes  and how to fix them


Hands-on production of cow milk PASTA FILATA using selected fermenting agents 

Hands-on production of cow milk PASTA FILATA with organic acids (citric) 

Production of Fior di Latte, Treccia, Burrata 


The practical lessons take place in our Educational Dairy. We will work with 50 - 100 liters of milk per batch 

The students will do hands-on excercises to practise the Paste Filate stretching manipulation techniques.

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